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Puzzle Piece Wedding Favours

Puzzle Piece Wedding Favours

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Treasure the essence of your special day with our Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Favour. Crafted from high-quality wood veneer, each puzzle piece is intricately shaped and engraved with 'A piece of our day' and the newlywed's names.

These charming wooden favours symbolize unity and serve as heartfelt keepsakes for your guests to cherish. Add a rustic touch to your tables by choosing this timeless option that encapsulates the warmth of your celebration.

Customisable and elegant, our Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Favours offer a personal touch to your wedding day, leaving a lasting impression on your guests as a token of your love and gratitude.

Our Jigsaw Piece Wedding Favours are available in the following variations:

  • Jigsaw piece on its own
  • Jigsaw piece with a magnet on the back (Great to use as a wedding fridge magnet)

Dimensions :

Material Options:
Maple Veneer
Oak Veneer 

Note: with any laser engraved wooden product there can be slight charring on the outside.

This listing is for one personalised wedding puzzle piece. For example if you desire multiple pieces, then simply change the quantity accordingly.

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